Virtual Reality As Explanation For The “Observer Effect”


In physics, In particular quantum physics, there exists the concept the consciousness of the observer creates or at the least influences external realities. Since physics is an established experimental science, 1 has to sit up and listen for the claims this “Observer Impact” is actually an established reality in its own right. Regretably, there won’t be any identified theoretical mechanisms than can account for this. However, if this “Observer Result” is so then it is robust proof that we exist as virtual fact beings in a pc simulated landscape.


In the two physics As well as in fairly New Age philosophy, there exists The reasoning (set up in physics – waffled about in philosophy) the consciousness of an observer makes or at the very least influences exterior realities. For the reason that physics is an established experimental science, a single must sit up and concentrate to your promises this “Observer Influence” is in truth a longtime fact in its have right. The 2 main experiments that assistance this “Observer Result” are classified as the Double-Slit Experiment wherever waves continue being waves Until observed in which circumstance waves grow to be particles, and during the Quantum Zeno Influence the place observations can inhibit the decay of radioactive particles, apparently the only real regarded issue that may accomplish this Bodily sleight-of-hand. Regrettably, there are no recognised theoretical mechanisms than can account for this. Still, In spite of this, the “Observer Outcome” principles the roost, or at the very least in quantum physics / mechanics it does.

MY Simple PREMISE IN Reaction

Hogwash! I say there isn’t any “Observer Influence”; physicists say There’s an “Observer Influence” and possess the experimental operates on the board to demonstrate it. If This is often so it is strong evidence that we exist as Digital truth beings in a pc simulated landscape – that is the Simulation Speculation.


Premise: There won’t be any paradoxes, contradictions or inconsistencies ‘out there’ in Mom Mother nature’s realm. Character could possibly be puzzling but she is just not possibly malicious nor a joker. Mother Nature tells Her Tale like it can be with all of Her playing cards experience up to the table.

Premise: All paradoxes, contradictions or inconsistencies arise throughout the intellect. If a person observes paradoxes, contradictions or inconsistencies ‘in existence’ in Mom Nature’s realm then they are finally a product of intelligence and not of character.

Premise: There are several paradoxes, contradictions and inconsistencies observed in Mom Nature’s realm.

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